Saturday, 17 September 2011

Daisy Chain bracelet

As the days get shorter, my beading output decreases – beading by artificial light is impossible!  Consequently my latest design has taken me two weeks to complete.  I seem to have had a bit of an obsession with making daisies at the moment.  I’ve even made a polymer clay version – a kind of Magic Roundabout type of daisy (although I did confuse centigrade with Fahrenheit on the first attempt...resulting in an alarming miasma in the kitchen!).
The base uses a new stitch to me: Pebble stitch.  I used some lime size 10 beads which were misshapen – no good for bead weaving but perfect for this stitch as it takes on an uneven appearance.  This stitch also grows quickly which is always a bonus!
The daisies are made of tiny pearl Delicas with gold bead centres stitched onto the base at irregular intervals.
Hope you like...