Friday, 14 October 2011

Marshmallow Daisies

Marshmallow Daisies
I have been doing virtually no beading for the last two weeks as I damaged a tendon in my ‘beading’ hand!  This made any plans that I had for making Christmas presents or cards impossible (that’s my excuse, anyway!).
 I’ve used polymer clay before, many years ago but, seeing that it is still a popular medium at craft fairs and in gift shops, I thought I would experiment with some new designs.  Continuing my ‘daisy’ theme I have just finished an earring design using polymer clay (The first attempt was ruined when I confused centigrade for Fahrenheit and ended up with what looked like Pontefract cakes and a kitchen full of fumes!). 
I think these daisies look really cute so I am planning to make my ‘marshmallow daisies’ complete with threading holes so that they can be strung together. 
Hope you like...