Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Zig-zag bangle

For my birthday my Best Bud bought me a beautiful silver bangle with a message engraved on each side.  I've worn it a lot since and it inspired me to make some beaded bangles.

This one combines peyote stitch and herringbone stitch (which creates the 'zig zag).  It's a ridiculously  simple pattern but took a fair few attempts to get right because the base rows have a nasty habit of twisting without you realising.

This piece allowed me to play with my favourite colours of the Summer.

Hope you enjoy!...

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Temari balls

Recently I've been working on some Temari balls using Delica and seed beads of various sizes.

Temari balls were originally silk embroidered spheres made in Japan (a Google search for them threw up some stunning examples!) and given to children to play with.  Over time the spheres became recognised as an art form in themselves.

My Temari balls are made from individually stitched triangles joined together to make pentagons or hexagons and then linked to make 3D shapes.  The smallest is about 2cm in diametre, the biggest 5cm.  I've been experimenting with ways of stiffening them using a clingfilm stuffing or keeping the bead hollow and dipping in yacht varnish.

I think I might me getting addicted to them...they're beautiful!!
Hope you enjoy...

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Kite earrings

My kite earrings in a stunning shade of iridescent purple-grey with haematite crystals in the centre...